The situation in the smartphone market seems quite predictable, largely because it is dominated by two companies – Samsung and Apple. Recently it remained at the head of the first, and now it is changing.

Apple caught up with Samsung in the number of SOLD Smartphones

Apple vs Samsung

Apple reported record revenue in the last quarter of 2014. In the last quarter, customers worldwide have purchased 74.5 million iPhones and this is the official information, which comes from the manufacturer. Samsung accurate data is not praised, but analysts predict that the result could achieve the same or slightly lower – between 71 and 74.5 million units sold.

What does it mean? Exactly that Apple is back after a long break on the throne and boasts the largest number of smartphones sold. Samsung is close, but cannot be excluded that in the coming months will be lost.

Behind him, two giants big break, followed by Huawei, which recorded better results and for a long time it is enjoying the place of third manufacture of smartphones in the world. In top leading five races Xiaomi and Lenovo are also there.

Source: theverge, theinquirer

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