A few days ago we reported that Apple have a top secret lab working on electric cars. Jason Calacanis online specialist claims that it can actually be even more interesting. American believes that the Cupertino giant can over the next eighteen months to decide on the acquisition of Tesla Motors – the leader in this sector.

Apple could buy Tesla Motors for $ 75 billion

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The deal would be for the amount of $ 75 billion and remember that the largest ever buy from Apple was 3 billion (with Beats Electronics). However, given the potential of this industry, the investment giant could soon turn. Moreover, Calacanis is not alone – like voices can be heard from different sides.

Although it seems impossible, the acquisition of Tesla Motors in principle, it is quite likely. First, Apple (and especially its CEO – Tim Cook) for many years seems to be obsessed with ecology.

Secondly, Elon Musk (and therefore the owner of Tesla Motors) has never had anything against reselling their projects.

And thirdly: Apple has the money – according to official information, the Cupertino giant has 178 billion US dollars in cash, just waiting to be invested. And the future as the sector of electric cars and so. Connected Cars (cars connected to a network) are probably good for investment.

So the matter is this: Apple has money and Elon Musk wants a revolutionary technology that could soon be multiplied. Do you think that Apple, the unknown rather large investments, would make an exception for Tesla Motors?

Source: Value Walk

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