At WWDC 2016 Apple as always, said a lot, but everything is not worth it to really delve into the topic. By far the most important announcement was the new version of the mobile operating system. Apple iOS 10 focuses not on the visual changes, but the introduction of new functionality.

Apple announced the launch of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016


Firstly, they changed the lock screen. The start of new elements and more specifically widgets of all kinds of applications. More important is that, the screen will be unlocked automatically when you pick up your smartphone.

Stock applications are now removable. Among the applications they likewise redesigned the Photos application. Face recognition, object recognition, clustering and sorting by person, date, and place. Every one of this mirrors what Google Photos has done for a year ago, with the essential contrast that Apple’s machine learning smarts all happen locally, on your device.

Now You Can Remove Stock Applications 


Among the most interesting new applications they introduce HomeKit which allows users to easily manage gadgets supporting this platform. iMessage will have rich connections inline, which means you can play videos from YouTube or tunes from Music without safeguarding to another application. Its emoji are three times bigger than some time recently.

Developers have the opportunity to take advantage of iOS 10 today. Users will receive a beta version in July and the full version will be available in the autumn.

Source: Apple

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