Electronic Arts is not having its best time due to the little success of Anthem since its arrival in the market, but this bad time might end, thanks to Apex Legends, the free-to-play game created by the studio of Respawn Entertainment that has been inspired by the Battle Royale genre with overwhelming success.

And now it has become known that Apex Legends is not going to limit itself to only remain in consoles and the PC platform, but it will also make the leap to the mobile platform. This movement is quite logical on the part of Electronic Arts, especially if we consider that this title will attract new users, a new audience that is supposed to be 30 percent of the players of Apex Legends.

In this way, the developer has taken advantage of the current pull to announce the next news related to Apex Legends, including its arrival in the smartphone market and even its arrival ineastern markets like China and South Korea as well. In addition, the second season will also debut in June of this year, taking advantage of the EA Play event held during E3 2019.