In the EA Play 2018, BioWare and Electronic Arts brought new details of Anthem, its cooperative action RPG that takes place in a new and mysterious world.

Anthem is an online action role-playing game whose main aspect is its multiplayer component. Players can customize a wide variety of powerful gear and form teams to face a dangerous and changing through exploration and combat.

In Anthem, players form groups of up to four members combat the threats that arise while exploring a place full of dangers and mysteries, populated by interesting characters. Players will chart their own path as they make decisions in the game, so there will not be two equal stories. Gears turn their pilots into powerful heroes, as they have incredible amazing weapons and special abilities that will allow them to combat threats and explore a hostile environment. Players can customize their suits with unique paintings and equipment to have the necessary tools to face any situation without neglecting the appearance.

Join up to three players and create powerful high-tech armored suits and craft designs. Explore vast ruins, fight against dangerous enemies and claim strange artifacts. With each mission, you will increase your power. Fight against the dangers of a world in constant change and Succeed as a team.

The game will be available worldwide from February 22, 2019 on Origin for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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