Android Wear’s upcoming software update will certainly activate Wi-fi support, as per a story by The Verge. Nearly all the Android Wear smart watches currently bears Wi-Fi built-in.

The report adds that together with the Wi-Fi update, you will have a minimum of 2 supplementary, smaller updates in the next software discharge. Among the 2 features could be the gesture control: users can easily flick their wrist to scroll through noti as well as Google Now cards.

The UI will likewise be somewhat modified, as outlined by The Verge, which help it easier to seek out Android Wear apps and contacts.

Apple revealed much more specifics of its Apple Watch on 9 March and it sensed like a much more resilient setting of apps and services versus the Android Wear. Google, on the flip side, has been vocal regarding Android Wear on its blog sites.

Just recently, it illustrated the developer APIs for the Wear on the Android Dev Blog.
Source: The Verge


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