It has now evolve into much simpler to record and upload video clips to YouTube with Android-powered smartphones with a the latest update. YouTube for Android currently permits users to forego uploading lengthy videos, because the update adds on the benefit of cutting off surplus footage from videos. The brand new function of trimming videos is actually added out to users of the Android version of the YouTube app, which includes an inline overview to make certain that users are trimming off the exact part which they wants to remove off the video before uploading the video footage to the Web.

Android Users Can Now Trim Youtube Videos With Recent Youtube App Update:

The update was revealed by YouTube via a post on Google+, with the justification of the handiness of the brand new feature whenever uploading videos to the Web while on-the-go. It is quite common for users to start recording videos well before the occasion supposed to be caught to ensure that the precise occasion is included. Like the launch of fireworks exhibitions or a potential game-winning shot in a cricket game.


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Nevertheless, whenever the recorded video is published on YouTube, viewers just want to observe the exact moment without having to proceed through the useless footage in the beginning.

The update to YouTube for Android now enables users to record excess footage at the outset of their videos, as those can certainly simply be trimmed later to help you to get the video-worthy moments immediately.


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There is absolutely no modification to the method in which users upload videos by using the Android app for YouTube, with the exception of a new step which is included in the process for trimming surplus portions of the video.

While uploading videos, users has the ability to see a timeline which includes a pair of control points. The points could be realigned to set the video’s start and end , which will eliminate all the unwanted parts of the video to be published. Videos can be trimmed frame-by-frame, as well as users are able to touch and hold on a frame to take a better look whilst trimming and editing.

After the user has completed picking the starting and ending point of the video, it can be previewed to verify if the trimming is accurate before getting uploaded to the video-sharing site Youtube.

The brand new video-trimming feature can be induced just by updating the YouTube app via the Google Play Store.

In the Google+ post , YouTube additionally said that the feature will also be coming soon to the iOS version of the app.



Source: Google+

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