Bits of gossip about iOS and Android Wear similarity aren’t phenomenal, yet another report says the day may come soon when anybody can get iPhone warnings on their Google-run smart watches. Truth be told, Google is “close to finishing the final technical details”  expected to cross over any barrier in the middle of iOS and Android Wear, reports The Verge.

The site talked with “a source close to the development team”  who uncovered huge amounts of insights about the blending. Obviously the presently being developed form of Android Wear meets expectations with a sidekick application on the iPhone to get notices from FaceTime, messages, calls and then some.

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It can likewise show information from Google Now cards, much the same as on Android, and may incorporate more propelled capacities for Google-made iOS applications like Gmail.

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The undeniable obstacle is whether Apple would let Google dispatch this friendly application on iOS, given the inevitability of the Apple Watch. In any case, neither Google nor Apple appears to need to discuss the likelihood of Android Wear and iOS getting along together just yet, so for the present everything we can do is hypothesize.

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