Lollipop may be the most advance variant of the mobile Operating System created by Google, yet its unmistakably not the most steady yet. Actually, the new and attractive emphasis of Android has a memory hole bug that has some awful impacts.

On Android 5.0.1, the bug executes open applications and forces non-stop reloading of the home screen. On Google’s Android Issue Tracker its been uncovered that a couple of Nexus gadgets are influenced, including older devices such as Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 and even Nexus 5.

It also have been noticed that the Android Lollipop memory bug consumes above 1GB of RAM, though normal usage would be around 500MB. But there is something good, and it is the bug fix in the upcoming software update by Google. Currently there is no news in the air that when effected devices will get the update along with a fix for this Android Lollipop Memory bug.

So if you are a victim of this Android Lollipop memory bug what you need to do is to have some patience. Since Android 5.0.2 is now out for the Nexus 7, this fix for the Android Lollipop memory bug will presumably be discharged in Android 5.0.3.

Source: Phandroid

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