The NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 was an incredible tablet, however it did not get much footing in such a competitive market. Its low cost and OK specs figured out how to catch a few eyes, however, and we are certain some of you are as yet cherishing the stylus-centric pad. The uplifting news is you speak the truth to appreciate it considerably more!

People all over the web have been reporting that the NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 is getting a fresh update to Android 5.1, which will make it a device worth of jealousy for a large portion of us touting more up to date tablets that have not yet gotten this sweet Lollipop treat.

As indicated by the screenshot close by, the 446 MB OTA update accompanies more than simply the more up to date Android OS version (and all that Android 5.1 involves). There is additionally changes to the selective DirectStylus highlights, and also sound, display, network and application compatibility fixes.

The update has not came to everybody quite recently yet. As it runs with each software upgrades, this one is taking off bit by bit. On the off chance that you do not see a warning and checking physically is giving no outcomes, simply sit tight and do whatever it takes not to crush your touchscreen – it will come soon!