Major research firms 2014 graphics card market share statistics have not yet announced, AMD graphics card market share in the last year is still unknown, but their financial report was not looking good (In Q4 net loss of $364 Million and $403 million in whole the Year). Also, according to Anandtech AMD fell by 22% over last year. Even so, some analysts believe that AMD graphics cards will gradually win back the market share, especially in the professional card market..

Analyst: AMD GPUs will gradually win back the market share



Ascendiant Capital Group analyst Cody Acree said in a report, AMD in terms of being away from the PC sales decline continued to make progress. A year ago, Apple chose the Mac Pro product line of AMD FirePro professional card, although no detailed data, but analyst Cody Acree believes that “AMD will grab the market from the NVIDIA,” and that they PC also continue to win back the entire share, but these have not yet become revenue.

Graphics here involve mainly refers to commercial graphics cards used in corporate PCs and so on. In addition, AMD back to Microsoft and Sony, will provide the next-generation processor for consoles.