A few days ago, there is news that AMD next-generation mainstream APU Carrizo will only mobile version , simply will not appear on the desktop.

AMD’s NextGen Carrizo APU CPU-Z Leaked – Feature 6 Cores

But today Guru3D exposed a Next Generation Carrizo APU, AMD’s flagship model – A10-8890K’s CPU-Z screenshot has also been leaked, from the screenshots A10-8890K is equipped with 6-core and 6-thread (you know the APU is now nothing but the highest 4 core 4 thread design), the manufacturing process of 20nm , the interface is AMD Socket FM3. The highest frequency up to 4.4GHz, this point of view the default frequency of at least 4GHz, thermal design power of 95W.

AMD's NextGen Carrizo APU

Subsequently, the A10-8890K specifications are further speculated that it should still be equipped Radeon R7 series GPU, but what will be the number of  number of stream processors have not yet determined in the below comparison chart we can also see the AMD Kaveri A10-7850k, which is giving a tough competition to the new Carrizo APU. Well, for now the exposure is still a Rumor so take this news with a pinch of Salt.

AMD's NextGen Carrizo APU

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