Nvidia’s Maxwell Second Generation Architecture Graphics Cards GTX 980 and GTX 970 featuring GM204 core are coming soon, while AMD previously launched a new Graphics Card with only slightly improved GCN 1.2 architecture named as R9 285, but the best was yet to come. Yesterday from Chinese forum there was a rumor that AMD’s new flagship Graphics card R9 390X would feature Modified Hydra Cooling Solution, the card would be equipped with Single Core and All Cooling implementations would be done by Asetek.

AMD’s Next Generation GCN Based Graphics Card R9 390X, Might Feature Modified Hydra Cooling Solution

AMD R9 390X

The cooler of R9 390X is almost same as R9 295X2. If we see previous rumors, R9 390X core would be introduced in two versions. One is Fiji XTX stream processor units may be up to 3072, the core area may be up to 550mm2 and the other argument is Bermuda XTX 4224 stream processor units, regardless of the core architecture is GCN 1.2 or upgrade to GCN 2.0, the processor would continue to 28nm or 20nm, this scale will only bring the greater core area.

AMD R9 390X

Another problem caused by the core size is soaring heat, but if we see the previous release from AMD R9 295X2 is equipped with dual-core and Hydra Cooling Solution working great on it with no issue, So same for the Single-Core Flagship R9 390X is not a problem.

In addition to the large Core, R9 390X has also another advantage, that is to use the AMD or other vendors combined HBM developed by SK Hynix memory technology. If they follow dry run like this, the overall performance increase 65% and power consumption drop to 40%.

At last this is also worth mentioning that AMD’s Hybrid water cooling solutions provider Asetek announced. In last month, they won the tender for a graphics card water cooling solution, but did not disclose the name of the OEM Customers. If the OEM Customer is AMD, then R9 390X is also possible to wait until the first half of next year some time before the market.

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