Previously we have seen that one of the forum members of ChipHell praised the performance tests of the mysterious video card, code-named “Captain Jack” – no doubt it refers to a series of movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and therefore suspect accelerator can also belong to the generation of Caribbean Island. Now the latest news is coming from which is also singing the same song as the AMD’s Next Generation Graphics Cards codenamed is Caribbean Islands, not Pirates Island. I know you guys also feel a new shocker every time a new story for the Next Generation of AMD R9 300 series. But as you know things are living on the leaks so take all these news with a pinch of salt.  

AMD’S Next-Gen GPUs Codenamed “Carribbean Islands” Arriving in Summer 2015

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If we see from the Fudzilla point of view they are sure about that the next Generation code name is Caribbean Islands, now merge this with another leak from the Zauba shipping database which indicates that the GPU is currently called Fiji XT. If we talk about the manufacturing process in process node too things are too complicated to understand as AMD has not given any words on their Next Generation Graphics cards process node, but if we sum up all the rumors it is very possible that the node is 20nm planar or 16nm FinFET.

The source also gives the hint on the release date of new Graphics cards from AMD, according to them GPUs will make an entry in the summer (July-August) of 2015. We know that TSMC will start the mass production of 16nm from June so chances on 16nm are too less.

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