AMD new Kaveri APU, the flagship of AMD 2014, A-series lineup  for 2014, which are going to be handed to the customers soon in 2014. The roadmap of All 6 A-Series APU’s are leaked.
There are some feathers of New kavari APU’s with Steamroller B and GCN Architecture for the great multi-tasking performance and the greater coordination between CPU and GPU with a new memory HSA. The main line-up consists of three Chips named as A10-7850K, A10-7700K, and the A8-7600 but for the low platform AMD would launch three additional chips for the low-budget FM2+ socket.
Like Intel the APU with K are the overclocked one AMD A10-7850K and AMD A10-7850K leading with the 4 Steamroller cores, with 4 MB L2 Cache.

AMD’s New Kaveri APUs
AMD’s New Kaveri APUs Lineup for 2014


AMD A10-7850K

The A10-7850K would be the first Flagship Kaveri APU of 2014 from AMD with the 4 core and clocked speed of 3.7GHz and boost up-to 4.0GHz and 95W TDP.
In terms of Graphic performance the A10-7850k is equipped with 8 compute Units with 512 stream processor boost up to 720 MHz.

AMD A10-7700K

At the second A10-7700k would be another Flagship Kaveri APU of 2014 from the AMD with 4 Steamroller and clock speed of 3.5GHz and boost up-to 3.8GHZ with  95W TDP.
In terms of Graphic Performance the A10-7700 GNC is little bit low if we compare it with A10-7850k based on 6 Compute units with 384 Stream processors.

AMD A10-7800

Now from here the non-overclocked APUs start  A10-7800 (Non-K) equipped with the 4 Cores  which are clocked at 3.5GHz and turbo boost to 4Ghz.
In terms of graphic performance AMDA10-7800 is based on 8 GCN compute units equaling total of 512 Stream processors and clocked at 720Mhz.

AMD A8-7600

Most probably AMD-A8 7600 is now the last Quad core APU Kaveri for 2014. Based on 3.1 GHz and turbo boost up-to 3.8GHz with 4Mb L2 Cache with the power compustion of 65W TDP.
In the Graphic performance of A8-7600 is based on 6 Computer units equal to 384 Stream Proessors and to boost speed of 720 MHZ.

AMD A6-7400K

The AMD A6-7400k is a dual-core APU which would be the cheapest one. The Clock speed of AMD A6-7400k is now unknown but some of its specifications are like A6-7400k Equipped with 2 cores, 1 MB L2 cache with 4 compute 256 stream processors. GPU clock speed has also not announced yet. Both dual core AMD A6-7400k And  A6-7300 consume 65W TDP.

AMD A4-7300

Last one in the line-up of 6 APU’s is AMD A6-7300, which is a dual-core APU. Clock speed of AMD A6-7300 is 3.4 GHz base and 3.8 GHz with 2 cores, 1 MB L2 cache with 4 compute 192 Stream processors clocked at 480 MHz base and 514 MHz boost clock.

The new mobile APUs are planned to be launched in the first half of 2014.

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