VideoCardz today get the exclusive news in which Bao Liu said, AMD is indeed developing a new GPU, which is consistent with the previous message, but it is not at high-end positioning, but for the mid-major fields.

AMD’s new Graphics exposure: Working on Tonga GPU

The new GPU codenamed is “Tonga”, in fact, no stranger to the name, more than a year ago, and Hawaii, Vesuvius appear together in the Catalyst beta drivers, but after Both have been released, one is the top single R9 290 series, and other is a dual-core card R9 295X2.

AMD’s GPU code are now islands. Although the pirate uttered here, but it does not belong next generation of “Pirate Islands” family, but still belongs to “Volcano Islands” (volcanic island).

AMDs Tonga GPU

Tonga will be targeted at the mainstream market and comes standard with 2GB of memory, a direct competitor is NVIDIA’s first Maxwell GM107 core architecture, which is the GTX 750 Ti, GTX 750, substituted by R9 270 series. Might be called R9 275?

Specifications do not know, but it takes a substantial improvement GCN architecture, there will be significant changes, especially in terms of power consumption, and supports the new PowerTune Boost power management and dynamic acceleration, can penetrate to the lower level of the hardware level.

Of course, it will continue to support the current range of technologies, such as Mantle, TrueAudio, even new crossfire mode XDMA CrossFire, even DirectX 12.

Its manufacturing process is 28nm, but the most interesting is that it is said not to TSMC, but manufactured by GlobalFoundries. 

“Tonga” is expected to be officially released within 2-3 months, there may be further news on Computex Taipei early next month.