At the Beijing APU 14 meeting AMD exposed their “smart phones”, in fact, it should be the most complete body mini computer, only the size is like the phone, equipped with APU processor and Windows 8 Operating systems. AMD shows this new candy only for 5 Seconds.

AMD’s “mobile phone” exposed: mini-PC equipped with APU + Windows 8 Operation System and  5-6 inch screen

In recent years, the development of the smart phone industry, is evolving with the speed of light, So that later NVIDIA and Intel have also joined the fray, AMD has yet to actually act on it. But today at the Beijing APU 14 summit, AMD has suddenly exposed their “smart phone”!

AMD APU Win8 smartphone


Strictly speaking, this “phone” should be “mobile phone-sized computer” should be ever full body mini computers (referring also includes display), equipped with and AMD APU processor and running Windows 8 / 8.1 system with a 5-6 inch screen.

Although its configuration should look very interesting, but it is more concerned with small series without a call feature, but AMD did not disclose more news, “real machine” shows only a short period of five seconds.

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