Fiji, AMD’s first GPU highlighting HBM driving the R9 Fury X flagship graphics card was shown at E3 bearing a “Made in Korea” label. AMD presented various top of the line Radeon graphics cards in light of its shiny new Fiji GP. Counting the Radeon R9 Fury X, which AMD has announced to be the speediest single-GPU card on the planet, and additionally the R9 Fury, R9 Nano and R9 Fury X2 which is going to be fastest graphics adapter on the planet with 17 TFLOPS of computing power. Fiji is the first graphics chip in the industry to highlight stacked memory technology. This chip is additionally the first to be made in Korea yet all the more interestingly that “Made in Korea” stamping has nothing to do with Samsung.

AMD’s HBM Fiji GPU Is Manufacturer In Korea, But Not By Samsung

The chip presented above is what we’re alluding to, and the “Made in Korea” carving is plainly unmistakable on the left half of the bundle. We ought to clarify first what you are looking it, the expansive chip in the middle is the Fiji GPU bite the dust, the four littler chips encompassing it are the High Bandwidth Memory stacks. The GPU pass on itself is not made in Korea and is either fabricated by TSMC or Globalfoundries, we have yet to affirm. The whole bundle nonetheless, including the HBM stacks are what might be amassed in Korea, by SK Hynix. The supplier of the High Bandwidth Memory technology.

AMD’s HBM Fiji GPU Is Made In Korea, But Not By Samsung

I need to concede, it feels very odd to understand that the first ever AMD chip to convey the “Made in Korea” tag really has nothing to do with the Korean titan Samsung. Yet, is fairly the after effect of AMD’s memory supplier SK Hynix. It feels significantly more unusual that the memory supplier would put its stamp on the chip, that is until you burrow a tad bit more profound.

AMD’s HBM Fiji GPU Is Manufacturer In Korea, But Not By Samsung

What is really happening behind the window ornament is that AMD would send each known great Fiji bite the dust, i.e. completely useful Fiji chip, to SK Hynix. Who might then continue to include the stacked memory modules, gather the bundle and ship it back. This would guarantee that each and every Fiji + HBM bundle that AMD gets would have completely functional memory chips

Samsung then again may have a much greater part in AMD’s product offering one year from now. With the introduction of next generation FinFET Arctic Islands graphics chips and AMD’s just took the ribbon off new superior Zen CPU core. The company authoritatively reported that both of these products will be taking into account FinFET. In any case, both TSMC and the Globalfoundries/Samsung collusion have entry to this technology. In any case, AMD’s keeping its cards hidden from most everyone thus far has not uncovered any data concerning which supplier would be making what.

For all the more about Fiji and the range of Radeon products which are in view of it you can look at our Fury X, Fury and Nano presentation article here and in addition our scope of the dual Fiji Fury X2 here and the Fury X board and cooling plan here.

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