The race of NVIDIA and AMD is going to come up with new process nodes. Previously we have seen that Nvidia has allegedly skipped the 20nm process node and they will directly move to the 16nm but their plans are not clear. On the other hand same case for the AMD but their cards would be manufactured on 20nm. In terms of Graphics cards processing units spotting Zauba has always become the major source. Zauba is a database of import and export data, which was very helpful in the past few months before Maxwell GM204 made an appearance. Now their latest entry revealed some information on AMD Next Generation of Radeon R9 300 Series that it will feature the Fiji XT GPU. Previous rumors claimed that, Bermuda GPU would be the part of AMD Next Generation of Radeon R9 300 Series.

AMD’s Fiji XT GPU For Next Generation Radeon R9 300 Series Spotted

AMD R9 390X

In the light of data uploaded to the website, we can see the Card label is C880 model, which is indicating the main board of Radeon R9 390 series, equipped with Fiji processor. AMD’s current Generation flagship High-end Graphics cards Radeon R9 290 and Radeon R9 290X  which are based on Hawaii chip feature has the backbone labeled as C671, so there are lots of chances that, C880 would be a part of the Radeon R9 390X and Radeon R9 390 (Fiji XT / Fiji Pro) chips. For now we don’t have the specifications of Fiji.

AMD’s Fiji XT GPU For Next Generation Radeon R9 300 Series Spotted

Tonga XT

There are also many rumors in the air that AMD Next Generation High-End Graphics cards would feature the Hydra cooler and we have also seen one leaked cooler 3 months ago. The cooler news was leaked from Chinese forum, where Asteck (the company who has recently made Water Cooler radiator for R9 295X2) claimed that they are working on a Cooler of AMD’s new bad boy R9 390X. The new cooler will keep the VRM and memory under its fans, which will help AMD to keep its reference design card and the sound would be quieter than previous GPUs.

For now we can’t say for sure what kind of performance will the flagship cards feature, but we do know how Tonga and Hawaii perform so we can make our own guesses. Also, it seems like AMD is doing the soft marketing as 2 day’s back their AIB partners, including MSI, Sapphire, XFX and Club come with the 8GB variants of AMD’s Current Generation High-End Graphics Card R9 290X. With the entry of cards with such high VRAM, they open a new era of 4k Gaming. The next year for both AMD and NVIDIA seem really tough as both are going to implement the new process node.

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