R9 290 series core is used in Hawaii volcanic island said AMD family, but the official CodeXL software also shows the Hawaii island is still the core of the family not a family member of the volcanic island, which is the core of the recent exposure of the volcanic island of Tonga family one.

Current AMD’s desktop graphics cards, Hawaii R7 260 series and Bonaire R9 290 series AMD named as Volcanic Islands, volcanic islands is considered to belong to the GCN 1.1 architecture, but so much so that AMD has messy codes, the actual official CodeXL tool Show that the  Bonaire is still classified as a family of Sea Islands, and Volcanic Island family includes Iceland and Tonga which are just exposed out two days before. So it seems we have been cheated, the real “Volcanic Islands” cards are not Hawaii.

CodeXL Hawaii in the Hawaii islands classified as family / HD 8000
A CodeXL of Hawaii: Hawaii islands classified as family/”HD 8000″

CodexXL is a developer-oriented programming analysis tools now support the HSA Heterogeneous Computing too. In the software category, AMD to Bonaire- Hawaii, Kalindi, Mullins (latest low-power APU code, integration is also GCN architecture core), Spectre, Spooky Island are classified in the Sea Island family, their original name is HD 8000 series, AMD changed the naming system later became the Rx 200 series.

Iceland volcanic islands and Tonga family has two products
Volcanic Islands has two products: Iceland and Tonga family

AMD real “volcano island” family planning Iceland and Tonga following two core, “Iceland” core products are four, two unknown at that time named as R5 M255 and R7 M260, it should be for mobile GPU’s. In Tonga five models are there in addition to professional card FirePro W8100 and R9 200 are well known, but R9 M295X A and M295X  now this quite interesting. There are rumors that AMD is developing R9 290X successor, the name is likely to be called 295X (dual-core flagship for desktop is R9 295X2, so not to be confused), Tonga core M295X is clearly aimed at the mobile market, it is impossible to use the most high-end core, at least AMD is really preparing new products.

Hawaii, Hawaii at the end is not from a volcanic island family. Now AMD passed out information indeed enough with enough mass, Rx 200 series graphics core has old and new, but also naming from the original HD + digit way to become what it is today.

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