A month ago AMD announced new Socket AM1 platform, the first low-power mobile APU Kabini brought to the desktop platform, but did not disclose the specific type, size, price, and only after some of the rumors.

AMD’s budget-friendly Sempron announced new Desktop Chips: Official Price less than $200

Recently, one of the two Athlon, Athlon 5150 and Athlon 5350 has started in Europe on sale online store, the price of $ 55-75, while the alleged official list price of $ 45-54.

Now we find that, AMD has quietly updated the price list on the official website, adding two new Sempron Sempron 2650, Sempron 3850, the price was $ 31-36, 35 more than previously expected, $ 39 cheaper.

According to this rhythm, Athlon 5150,5350, respectively, to U.S. $ 40-50 should succeed.

The Specifications also confirmed some basic parameters, clocked at 1.45GHz, 1.3GHz, secondary cache of 1MB and 2MB, thermal design power of 25W.

According to previous news, Talia is dual-core, quad-core, integrated graphics core Radeon HD 8240/8280, the frequency of 400/450MHz, memory support DDR3-1333/1600.

Sempron 2650 less than two hundred dollars, which is already more than most low-end Intel’s Celeron G1610/G1620 250 so far but also much cheaper. Unfortunately, these new Athlon, Sempron at least temporarily, will not enter the domestic market.