When AMD held a conference to present the financial results of the company to investors, Lisa Su the Vice President of AMD addressed the subtleties of architecture. She said: We are stunk to have 20nm products in 2014, weather GPU or CPU/APU. And then Lisa has just confirmed the rumour that in 2015 AMD’s all products GPU and CPU/APU will be equipped with new technology.

AMD’s 20nm APUs, GPUs and Embedded Chips to Arrive in 2015

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So, AMD has confirmed that the 20nm is used in all their products. Although TSMC began to produce 20nm chips, including Apple. Lisa surely expects superior performance and reduce the production costs. So they have to wait for the 2015 including AMD Radeon 20nm GPUs. For processors, the latest Processor we know is Carrizo, but should be engraved in 28nm. So we have to wait for some time until we see a good move from AMD side for CPU or APU that how they take the benefit from 20nm.

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