Today we have leaked details about AMD Zen CPUs, where a new engineering sample reveals that flagship CPU have 8 cores and 16 threads running at a Base / Turbo frequency of 3.20 / 3.50 GHz would become a worthy rival of Intel Core i7-5690K 8 – core (999 USD) or Core i7-6950X 10 cores @ 3.00 / 3.50 GHz (1300 USD).

AMD Zen Summit Ridge SR3, SR5, SR7 & Special SR7 Prices Leaked

Bristol Ridge APUs

This CPU would be now known as AMD Special Zen SR7 with a TDP 95W (Vs 140W of Intel) and listed at a price to change 470 euros. The information on this latest leak is based upon a user called DresdenBoy on Guru3d who has shared more reliable information in the past. The engineering sample processor spotted is tagged at product code number 1D3201A2M88F3_35/32_N which indeed indicates the clock frequencies and number of cores.

  • 1 – unknown type shows
  • D – Desktop / Desktop
  • 32-3200 MHz (35/32 would reveal a Turbo 3.5 GHz frequency)
  • 01 – Single Socket?
  • A2 – Unknown, perhaps a reference to the Socket
  • M – Unknown. Traditionally it meant 638 pins.
  • 8-8 cores
  • 8 – Unknown. Perhaps a cache of 8MB.
  • F3 – Microarchitecture and review

Along with this information we have details on price too, knowing that the AMD Zen SR3 CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads and a TDP of 65W would go on sale at a price to change around 140 euros. AMD Zen SR5 with 6 cores and 12 threads for 235 euros and AMD Zen SR7 with 8 cores and 16 threads for 330 euros.


It is expected that first 8-core processor from AMD Zen camp with have have four integer units in each cores with two address generation units and four floating point units, and the decoder can decode four instructions per clock cycle. The L1 cache size is 32 KiB data and the L2 cache size is 512 KiB per core. 2 CCUs = 2x8MB (L3) + 8x512KB (L2) = 20MB. It is expected that ZEN Summit Ridge based 8-core processors will launch in week 2 of January.

Via: Guru3d

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