AMD next-generation APUs and processors based on the Zen architecture has integrated chipset into the processor/APU chip, so the motherboards are entirely chipset-free. Now, according to different sources, these integrated chipset into the CPU / APU die have problems with USB 3.1 controller designed by ASMedia.

AMD Zen Processor issues with USB 3.1 would increase the cost Motherboard


The motherboard manufacturers have reported a significant drop in the bandwidth of USB 3.1 ports with increase circuit distances, so they are forced to use additional Retimer and Redriver chips for wide acceptable band on these ports, which is leading to increased costs of the platform.

AMD said that, the Zen platform processors are underway and the company will not comment on “specific solutions at board level to the customer.” ASMedia downplayed the reports and industry rumors, stating that their solutions passed the necessary certifications. New sources add that:

“AMD’s Zen processors are seeing stable development and have a satisfactory yield rate, and about to enter the engineering sample stage in the near future. However, motherboard players are seeing the chipsets designed by ASMedia having some issues over USB 3.1.”

According to rumors, the company is reportedly sampling Zen chips to a few select customers as soon as this quarter. A processor equipped with 8 physical cores and 16 logical with a TDP of only 95W. The performance of each Zen core would be same as Intel Broadwell, although still Skylake is leading, but thanks to its manufacturing 14nm process which will help new architecture to maintain extra efficiency in terms of power consumption, so we can say that its direct competitor Intel Core i7-5960X (8- core CPU) would perform slower with a TDP of  140W.

via: TechPowerUp

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