During the first quarter of 2017 we will have access to a variety of AMD desktop processors and APUs processors based on Zen microarchitecture under the AM4 socket. Now Expreview report revealed that in the second quarter of the same year we see the first mobile chips and APUs designed to give life to portable devices.

AMD Zen Mobile Chips For Laptops Will Arrive In Q2 2017 


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With requirements for fewer M.2, SATA, and USB 3.0 ports on mobile platforms such as notebooks, designs that completely do away with the chipset should theoretically be possible, and the company could use this to score design wins. Intel currently offers CPU and PCH on single packages, as multi-chip modules (MCMs).

Obviously this is too good to be true, which is why Intel will not turn a blind eye and Intel will launch Kaby Lake mobile chips. But in terms of integrated graphics, AMD will have the upper hands with Radeon graphics. So Intel should need to adjust prices for some real competition.