According to unofficial information, the company AMD is working on an entirely new microarchitecture APUs – apparently its code name is Zen, based on x86 Zen Architecture, and its premiere will take place next year. So far, they were just rumors, but Fudzilla service came to a more accurate specification of processors.

AMD Zen APU Will Boast 16 Cores, 16 GB HBM Memory and DDR4 Memory Support


The new APUs reportedly will be equipped with up to 16 cores with HT Technology – as a result, they have to offer up to 32 threads. For each core will be made available 0.5 MB second level cache (L2), while the entire system is to be provided 32 MB of shared third-level cache (L3). The manufacturer has plans to integrate the two microprocessors here – start your computer security and cryptographic coprocessor.

A large part of the processor is to be the integrated graphics chip, codenamed Grenland – it has to support the standard HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture), and the double-precision computing power is expected to be half of the single-precision computing power. Additionally, the graphics will be available up to 16 GB of cache memory with a capacity of HBM2 up to 512 GB / s.

In addition, the processor will have a 4-channel memory controller with support for DDR4 modules to 3200 MHz clock speed (with ECC). Furthermore, the manufacturer will integrate a PCI-Express controller with 64 transmission lines, of which 16 will be reserved for the SATA connectors (2x SATA Express and SATA 14x).

It shall be quite surprising, but we advise you to take this news with a pinch of salt as for now it is just a rumor and the manufacturer did not want to comment on it. It therefore remains to wait for the next leaks about the new AMD.

Source: Fudzilla

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