We already have new details on the next generation of AMD CPUs, specifically on its AMD Zen 2 architecture.

This new information revealed by Bits and Chips, indicates the improvement of IPC (instructions per clock) that will bring the new architecture based on a manufacturing process of 7nm process node. Obviously not everything is limited to the improvement of IPC, but also higher frequencies, more number of cores, and all this with a low power consumption and even cooler temperatures.


Let’s go to what matters. It is indicated that Zen 2, for now, in the engineering samples is contributing an improvement in the IPC of 13 percent compared to the current Zen + @ 12nm architecture found in the Ryzen 2000 / Ryzen Threadripper of 2nd Gen. This performance improvement is linked to ‘scientific tasks‘, so no performance linked to games has been indicated.

Luckily, the first AMD Zen 2 @ 7nm processors will arrive at the start of 2019, specifically, the second week of January during CES 2019, where AMD is expected to take off not only its CPUs @ 7nm, but the first GPUs manufactured @ 7nm.

For now there is still room for improvement, because we must remember that AMD promised that Zen 2 would offer, at least, an improvement in the IPC of 15% with respect to Zen + and this took place after carrying out its first tests at mid-year.

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