The AMD processor with a complete CPU, GPU graphics card, chipset 3A create a unique platform for the industry, has launched a Radeon branded memory upgrades for the 4A, but still not satisfied. AMD is preparing to enter the solid-state drive, and further upgraded to “5A”.

AMD working with Toshiba on SSD: 5A platform chassis system of hegemony: 5A platform chassis system of hegemony

AMD Memory is Patriot OEM SSD is not to create their own, but in cooperation with Toshiba, using OCZ’s main controller, Toshiba’s flash memory. The AMD partner selection is quite so clever. Toshiba’s flash memory technology, unrivaled in the world, 19nm MLC widely favored. OCZ Although mismanagement forced bondage, but its self-designed master Barefoot series is strong, performance and functionality are excellent.

AMD has set up a dedicated small team responsible for the project, especially in determining specifications, also known as AMD platform will be designed to meet the needs of users, not the blind pursuit of high-end, but more for the mainstream market.

That in the end is what it looks like? This really do not know, I heard that at least initially will be only 2.5-inch version, capacity 120-240GB.

Is expected to soon be able to see the official release of the AMD brand SSDs.

AMD Gamers Series Memory
AMD Gamers Series Memory
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