According to a Thai portal, AMD is hosting a press conference later this month between 26 and 29 May to unveil their Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 based graphics cards. The company has started sending invitations to various media persons to attend the press conference in the so – called “Las Vegas of Asia” in Macau, just before starting the Computex.

AMD will unveil Polaris based Graphics cards between 26 and 29 May  


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It is expected that in the event AMD will announce its first graphics cards based on most efficient and powerful Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 for the gaming segment, the presented models at the conference will be showcased to the world by their AIB partners on Computex ( may 31).

In an interview with Arstechnica, Roy Taylor confirmed that Polaris will be a mainstream GPU and not a high-end. In fact, this is a good thing considering AMD’s most successful GPU in the Radeon 300 series has been their Radeon R9 390 series which is a $329 US product.

“The reason Polaris is a big deal, is because I believe we will be able to grow that TAM [total addressable market] significantly,” said Taylor.

“If you look at the total install base of a Radeon 290, or a GTX 970, or above, it’s 7.5 million units. But the issue is that if a publisher wants to sell a £40/$50 game, that’s not a big enough market to justify that yet. We’ve got to prime the pumps, which means somebody has got to start writing cheques to big games publishers. Or we’ve got to increase the install TAM.” via Arstechnica

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