Following Intel’s request for wafers from TSMC, AMD wants to strengthen its presence and ensure that it has more wafers to bring its products to life, according to the latest industry reports, AMD has placed two additional orders of $ 7 million and $ 5 million to double the number of wafers company receive on a monthly basis.

In 2019, the company had already dramatically increased the wafer order from TSMC reaching between 2,000 – 3,000 wafers per month. This year, the number of wafers has increased again between the 7,500 – 8,000 wafers per month, and we now know that for the next year AMD has reserved 16,000 wafers per month in order to have enough silicon to give life to its CPUs, APUs, GPUs and Semi-custom chips. AMD is expected to surpass Apple as the main contributor to TSMC’s revenue.


The supply chain also revealed that AMD’s Ryzen series processors, Radeon graphics, and EPYC server and data center processors and other major products sell better than expected. Coupled with delays in Intel’s advanced manufacturing processes, it has given AMD access to some 200,000 7nm and 5nm wafers for next year (2021) to meet even higher demand. This only confirms that AMD is still having supply problems, and last night we announced that XMG warned that there were shortage problems with the AMD Ryzen 4000H CPUs due to excess demand from the main manufacturers of portable notebooks.



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