AMD and Nvidia barely finished launching their video cards of the current generation and all are already talking about what next with Radeon R300 “Pirate Islands” plates and the GTX 800 Maxwell, rumors are circulating out there but they are still really interesting all are probably just something we’ll see in a generation or two, do not accord with the reality of manufacturers who seem to have given a decelerated, new architectures and technologies are getting a little “after” and although there is some innovation with the R9 290, 290x R, R9 295X2, GTX 750, GTX 750 Ti and GTX Titan Z plates we probably will not see big jumps in the next generation.

Putting an end to rumors that the Pirate Islands GPUs would be manufactured on a 20nm, AMD itself confirmed that they actually still use 28nm architecture of the current series. According to Lisa Su, SVP and General Manager, Global Business Unit, AMD plans are to keep 28 NM this year, we have 20 nanometers in design, and then FinFET. The statement pretty much puts an end to any possibility of a 20nm Radeon in this year, something that should happen only in the next generation, unless you choose to launch AMD GPUs only entry in 28nm and let the top of the line for 2015 with new lithography.

This also indicates that AMD should follow a similar plan with Nvidia tweaking the new architectures presented this year on this “Hawaii” and “Maxwell”, then would not technically new technologies with more “modern” GPUs, just a breakthrough in the development the current architecture.

Although there is no position by the type of Nvidia is more likely that it also follows the same path, something which would be more interesting since GPUs with the availability of a new lithography could be low resulting in a lack of cards in the market. The good news is that stocks 28nm GPUs from AMD should achieve higher levels, preventing shortages that resulted in the disappearance of R9 290 and R9 Radeon 290x thanks to demand from miners bitcoin, increasing the price on the shelves.

Will it be worth out of the Radeon R9 200 and GTX 700 Radeon R9 300 and GTX 800?

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