AMD will launch its last major update of the year in November, we are talking about the Omega Catalyst Driver for 2015. These WHQL-signed drivers, will include major improvements, and if we pull periodicals, Omega last (December 2014) brought great performance improvements and optimizations to the latest released games, so hopefully these new drivers will follow the path of adding value to content for users of the AMD Radeon graphics card.

AMD Will Launch New Omega Catalyst Driver in November 2015

Feature List Of Omega Catalyst Driver Released in December 2014

We can also expect some surprises in between, since previous Omega Catalyst introduced new features for significant improvements in performance, significant improvements such as Virtual 4K Super Resolution (RSV), TressFX 3.0, support for 5k resolutions and several improvements introduced in the image quality, so these drivers will also brings new feature and improvements in performance and stability, so we’ll have to wait to see what new is on the way.

via: TechPowerUp

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