Computex Taipei will be open for world in less than a week. This will be the PC/DIY revival event in which major manufacturers will release their latest different varieties of new products and technologies.

AMD will launch Mobile Kaveri APUs at Computex Taipei 2014 

At Computex Taipei AMD will also enter their new product and they have started a Countdown teaser on a website. is a site. The overall design is very simple, in the background, we can see a sun in the space and the Hot Air balloon rising from the edge of the Earth. On top we can see Countdown.

AMD Countdown for Computex Taipei

Lower right corner there is a sentence: “So Far ahead of its time that we are launching it at the edge of Space”. On this page, simply you cannot see any Sign of AMD, actually at the start there was a word AMD written on it, later they deleted it.

If you check the domain information the domain name is registered with Christian Dotzauer AMD’s marketing director, registered organization is also AMD, but registered on May 23.

So in the end, AMD  does not put any clue on this page, but the AMD APU14 Technology Conference in Beijing the release date of AMD’s Mobile Kaveri APU was already posted, which are going to release on June 4 in Taipei.

AMD’s Kaveri APUs contact with the space really is not up, presumably to highlight its advanced, after all, new processes, new architectures, heterogeneous computing, unified memory addressing.

AMD Mobile Kaveri APU

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