Chromebooks are compact and cheap laptops that work well when browsing and while doing some work using online tools. Most of the available Chromebooks are featuring processors from Intel side, but there are also some models based on ARM. So why the lack of AMD processors in Chromebooks?

Mark Papermaster, the Chief Technology Officer at AMD has responded to this question at a conference ISSCC 2015. AMD does not plan to engage in this market, because there is nothing to offer in this segment – so this is a business decision, because it’s not about return on investment. AMD potential lies in the integrated graphics, and Chromebooks do not use more of it.

It is worth noting that analysts share with Mercury Research on AMD sentence – according to them, Chromebooks are popular enough to interested giant Sunnyvale. However, there is no wonder, because last year they sold an estimated 4.6 million, which represents only 1.5% of all laptops sold.

Source: PC World

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