Going to the market to get a new GPU? Preferably the shiny new GTX 1050 Ti? Well, AMD tells you all to hold your horses and take your decision into reconsideration one last time.AMD fired off an elaborate press-deck explaining why customers should choose its RX 470 graphics card over the  GTX 1050 Ti that was announced last on 18th October 2016, Which is to be launched a week later. AMD calims that the Radeon RX 470 is more than capable of handling games @1080p with anti-aliasing enabled that too on High settings.

AMD Wants You To Choose The RX 470 Over The 1050 Ti

AMD radeon

RX 470 vs. GTX 1050 Ti

Now it takes a lot of guts to make big claims about making better products. AMD has claimed that the ability to do ASync Compute present in “RX” series is way better than that present in the “9xx” “10xx” series from NVIDIA. This was although proved right in the beginning of DX12. It is not that games do not use ASync, numerous of them, so buying AMD can give you an upper hand. Regardless of having a higher priice it has a higher memory bandwidth too which is beneficial for playing at higher resolutions and with anti-aliasing on.

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