The presence of AMD at CES 2017 was disappointing, because they simply showcased some slides on the VEGA architecture. But now AMD’s head of the Radeon Technologies Group, Raja Koduri revealed that the demo of DOOM on Ultra setting @4K resolution with +60 FPS was running on VEGA 10 based graphics card equipped with 8 GB of memory HBM2.

AMD VEGA 10 With 8GB HBM2, DOOM 4k Vulkan Demo

Raja Koduri in an interview with PCWorld revealed that AMD VEGA 10 powered Graphics card is not only more powerful than the GeForce GTX 1080 running such game under the API Vulkan, but also under OpenGL Beat The Pants Off The GTX 1080”. We also have photographs of the graphics card from CES, which was covered from all sides, because it is an engineering sample. Also, you should not expect that blue connector in the final model, because it is for software and hardware engineers to check the status of graphics card (power draw e.t.c).

This is an important answer because low – level APIs such as DirectX 12 and Vulkan have shown a clear tendency to favor of AMD graphics architecture over NVIDIA. While the oldest and highly abstracted API like OpenGL and DirectX 11 still favor the NVIDIA GPUs. If VEGA 10 maintains its leadership over the GTX 1080 in OpenGL, this would bode well for GPU performance in DirectX 11 titles as well. The answer to the question was yes, VEGA 10 would still outperform the GTX 1080 if OpenGL had been selected.

Brad Chacos – Senior Editor,PC World
The only demo you’ve let people play so far is DOOM running at 4K Ultra. I’ve played it, it runs awesome it’s a great game. It can hit up to 85 FPS, but typically it’s running 60-70 FPS at 4K Ultra everything cranked. Which beats the pants off the GTX 1080, but that’s running Vulkan. Would it still beat the pants of the GTX 1080 if it was running DX11?

Raja Koduri – Chief Architect Radeon Technologies Group, AMD
DOOM doesn’t have a DX11 path…

Brad Chacos – Senior Editor,PC World
Yeah, OpenGL, you got me.

Raja Koduri – Chief Architect Radeon Technologies Group, AMD
I think it would. Because at that resolution things are more GPU bound, less CPU bound. That’s one factor. But let me not say that too confidently because the DOOM developer had done some console optimizations like line assembly shaders and shader intrinsics and I don’t think they are available in OpenGL. That’s not a fundamental OpenGL issue, it’s just that  we didn’t invest into putting all the extensions back into OpenGL which we could have [done]. I only have a finite number of engineers so they’re just focused on Vulkan.

However, there was an important caveat to Raja’s response. He said VEGA 10 would outperform the 1080 GTX with the same resolution of 4K. Although, at lower resolutions where the game demands less power to the GPU would have less performance difference between the two, of course, no one spends about 800 euros to play at a 1080p resolution.

Speaking of low – level APIs, Raja confirmed that 2017 will be a much larger than 2016 in terms of games with DirectX 12 and Vulkan. This year you should expect more games on DirectX 12 and Vulkan compared to 2016. Something to which Raja was clearly very excited, because AMD will be the most benefited by it.

Via: PcWorld, LinusTechTips

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