From the recent reports we know that for both NVIDIA and AMD 20nm GPUs has been delayed and we will not be able to see the Graphics cards with a 20nm process node from both manufacturers before Q2 of 2015. Process node of both manufacturers has been unclear till clear and words of rumors are moving with the wind. The latest news on AMD’s process node is coming from the Italian publication Bitsandchips has revealed that AMD will use the up level you can say SHP (super high performance) 28 nanometer node by Global Foundries for the intermediary 28nm GPUs. For now things are not clear that on which GPUs portfolio they will implement this process node.

AMD using 28nm SHP Process from GloFo for Intermediary GPUs in 2015

Intel is selling the X86 License

This time AMD will not give their right hand to TSMC due to their high cost. At Global Foundries they can achieve almost the same thing with less price (for a start, at some point they will move to the TSMC). We also know that Samsung has started production of 14nm chips and one more point, Samsung’s 14nm process is licensed to Global Foundries. So we can say that AMD also indirectly benefited from Samsung’s 14nm process. This is what the source has also mentioned that AMD will be using 14nm LP Samsung under the license of Global Foundries by the end of 2015. This may also be possible that they will also place some order for 16nm process node to entertain their some products and by following this they will give the tough competition to competitors. The orders would be based on following candies including CPU, APU, GPU and host chips.

The last thing source has mentioned by the end of 2016 AMD could utilize 16nm FinFET TSMC for high end GPUs. They are basically stating that Zen and K12 will be produced at TSMC and not at GloFo (atleast initially).