As the official launch of Oculus VR is almost near, the gamers (especially PC gamers) must be thinking about the minimum system specifications which would be able to support the VR headsets and run the game smoothly.

AMD unveils the list of CPUs recommended for VR

For those looking for hardware upgrade and experience the VR gaming at lower prices should worry no more as recently, the AMD revealed the list of VR Ready FX Processors, which suggests that atleast a six core processor running at 3.9 GHz should be there to get the hands on and experience virtual-reality gaming.

Model Socket Cores Clock/Turbo (Ghz)
FX-9590 AM3+ 8 4.7/5.0
FX-9370 AM3+ 8 4.4/4.7
FX-8370 AM3+ 8 4.0/4.3
FX-8350 AM3+ 8 4.0/4.2
FX-6350 AM3+ 6 3.9/4.2

The FX Processors suggested by AMD were first revealed by Forbes. It also included some of the APU and Athlon series processors but later on, they were declared as ‘not qualified’. Moreover, they will publish an updated CPU chart that delivers best VR experience.

Even the CPUs mentioned above doesn’t meet the minimum system recommendation on the Oculus Rift’s compatibility tool.

VR Support

Yes. The compatibility tool on Oculus  Rift’s official site suggest that one should have an Intel i5 4590 or equivalent, which is a quad core cpu running at 3.3GHz clock speed, L2 cache at 6MB, without Hyper-Threading support. According to the AMD, GPU is more important for VR as compared with the CPU, especially gaming with DirectX 12 enabled as it reduces the load from CPU.

Apart from the CPU, you should have a high-end one. Minimum GPU suggest for the virtual reality compatibility from Team Red is the R9 290 and from Nvidia, it’s GTX 970.

Source: Forbes

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