At the beginning of the month in Osaka AMD held the first event of the PC Cluster Consortium, where a representative of AMD’s Junji Hayashi revealed some secrets regarding to the plans for graphics cards and Server processors. So what can we expect?

AMD Unveils Server Processors and Graphics Cards Roadmaps for the coming Years


Later this year, it is planned to premiere the project SkyBridge, which would make compliance pins with two completely different processors – 64-bit ARM-based systems Cortex-A57 cores and models of x86-based new Puma + cores.

The manufacturer is also working on K12, and it’s sister x86 CPU core (Zen) so new, based on the ARM architecture, high performance and low power core, which will use the advantages gained by AMD ARM license. The introduction of the first products based on the “K12” is planned for 2016.


In 2017 they should appear APU solutions dedicated HPC (high-performance computing – high performance calculations) to combine the advantages of server CPUs and FirePro professional graphics cards. Importantly, the manufacturer applies here entire new generation of processor cores and graphics architecture.


But this is not the end of the revelations, since AMD has reportedly development plans APU systems and graphics cards for the next 10 years. So it seems that the new generation of professional graphics cards occurs roughly every two years – so soon to witness a premiere of a new generation of professional graphics accelerators, and another is planned for 2018 years. In 2018 years, it appears a new generation APU processor computing power of up to several TFLOPS (chart-topping Kaveri APU reaches 856 GFLOPS).

Thankfully, however stacked HBM ( High Bandwidth Memory ) will make such designs not only possible but extremely effective as well. As the second generation of HBM is 9 times faster than a GDDR5 memory and a whopping 128 times faster than DDR3 memory.

Codenames for future GPU architectures sadly were not uncovered. Be that as it may, we did take in through a past break from our companions from Sweden that AMD’s up and coming GPU architecture to debut on 16nm FinFET will be code named Arctic Islands. We’ll get significantly more itemized CPU, APU and GPU guides from AMD in May amid the organization’s planned Financial Analyst Day occasion, so stay tuned.

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