A Few months back AMD has recently launched its new Tonga Core and R9 285 was the first card in which they implemented it. In terms of specifications R9 285 is equipped with 1792 Stream processors, memory interface 256bit and 2Gb of VRam. Previously we saw lots of rumors that, AMD will launch its successor Tonga XT after 6 months. But it seems like AMD Tonga XT is already exists, as the Radeon M295X is to use the full version of it, which is fused in Apple’s recently released iMac Retina.

AMD Tonga XT hasn’t been launched yet, but apple’s new iMac is packing it

AMD Tonga

Apple has not released official detailed specifications of Radeon M295X graphics, but referred to its floating-point performance of 3.5TFLOPS, memory interface of 256bit, while the desktop version of Radeon R9 285 graphics floating point performance is 3.3TFLOPS and also taking into account the frequency to 918MHz, the frequency of the mobile version of the M295X is clearly unlikely to be higher than the desktop version.  AMD’s M295X graphics should have 2048 stream processors, which is the full version of the Tonga XT core, 855MHz frequency just to provide 3.5TFLOPS floating-point performance.

Apple’s new version of the iMac Retina is equipped with a 5K display, it is mainly for industrial applications, floating point performance is 3.5TFLOPS, which is not only higher than the previous generation of AMD 2.3TFLOPS M290X graphics performance, but also better than the latest NVIDIA GTX 980M.

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