Few Weeks back a very reliable source Videocardz set a rumour that the AMD Tonga GPU will be manufactured by GlobaloFoundries (GloFo). But yesterday, another source confirmed that the TSMC will be the responsible for the Core Production of AMD Tonga.

GlobaloFoundries (GloFo) will still focus on AMD APUs including the current Generation Consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), AMD Tonga will continue to be directed more mature, TSMC is responsible for using the technology and it’s confirmed that manufacturing process will be on 28nm. AMD Tonga will be officially released in the Autumn (After missing Computex 2014).

AMD R9 M295X rumours are also in the air and R9 M295X expected GPU Counterpart is the R9 275X both will be from AMD Tonga (since its performance is theoretically somewhere between the R9 270X and R9 280).

AMDs Tonga GPU

Tonga is part of the series of island family and estimated to be upgraded to GCN 2.0 architecture, probably R9 275X with 2GB of memory is also the part of it, will be great improvement in terms of power consumption, Mantle API must be supported, and their are also some features including new PowerTune Boost dynamic acceleration and TrueAudio technology, in addition there may be support of XDMA crossfire. It will replace the existing one core Pitcairn / Curacao to compete with NVIDIA’s GM107.