In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the ATI Graphics Business, On this occasion AMD finally comes with the awaited confirmation and AMD officially unveiled a new video card “ Radeon R9 285 “, Now complete 15 Members of R200 Family.

AMD R9 285 is from the AMD R9 Series, it will replace the R9 280, the Core (Codename TONGA PRO) GCN architecture is based on improving version 1.1 (although the officials never used this name). Tonga is the greatest improvement from the AMD side as Tonga GPU is the less power eater, Mantle API must be supported, and there are also some features including new PowerTune Boost dynamic acceleration and TrueAudio technology,  XDMA Crossfire Technology and other new technologies, also support DirectX 12.

AMD “Tonga PRO” : AMD R9 285 officially released, 190W TDP

AMD R9 285 Specifications

AMD R9 285 is equipped with the following specifications : It has 1792 stream processors, 112 texture units, 32 ROP units , the point is that R9 280 have also exactly the same specifications, but the memory interface is only 256-bit, with 2GB GDDR5, inferior to the latter’s 384-bit 3GB.

We can say only the core frequency of Turbo boost is up to 918MHz (single-precision floating point performance 3.29TFlops), but still lower than the R9 280 933MHz, the memory increase from 5GHz to 5.5GHz.

The core technology is still 28nm, but the entire card typical power consumption of only 190W, and now the R9 280 / 280X / 290, etc. are 250W, visible energy efficient the new core is quite high, Pair of six-pin can only be the point of attractiveness.

AMD R9 285 vs  Gtx 760

For now, no performance level data leaked. The official internal testing showed that the card with Core i7-4960X, 16GB DDR3-1866, 3DMark 11 may run out of P7066, X3513, far more than the GTX 760 P5650, X2774.

R9 285 will be available on September 2, the suggested retail price of $ 249. If we compare it will competitors from Nvidia Side Gtx 760 is of $239.

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