After years without being competitive in the sector of processors, AMD is increasingly closer to its new architecture. Later this year, AMD will launch Zen CPUs, the new architecture is expected to offer improved performance  by 40 percent per core compared to the current architecture. According to the CEO of AMD Lisa Su, the company is reportedly sampling Zen chips to a few select customers as soon as this quarter.

AMD to ship first batch of new Zen chips to key customers this quarter


According to rumors, AMD will launch a processor equipped with 8 physical cores and 16 logical with a TDP of only 95W. The performance of each Zen core would be same as Intel Broadwell, although still Skylake is leading, but thanks to its manufacturing 14nm process which will help new architecture to maintain extra efficiency in terms of power consumption, so we can say that its direct competitor Intel Core i7-5960X (8- core CPU) would perform slower with a TDP of  140W.

Until today, all official information provided by the AMD itself indicates that Zen will not be officially released until the end of 2016, while shipments will be ready to begin later this year in conjunction with a release in early 2017 based on the segment. AMD is already working with its partners and device manufacturers to prepare its motherboards with the new chip that will support AMD Zen.

With AMD Zen CPUs in the hands of more users, we would likely see very soon some new leaks about the architecture and best of all is the first performance tests, since on the paper AMD Zen CPUs paint very well, thanks to its manufacturing process @14nm FinFET (Samsung) , but what really matters is to know their actual performance.

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