Those who are waiting for new video cards can look forward to the occasional news ahead of autumn from AMD. AMD has been rumored for the Tonga GPU release previously. Now it seems like they are on their way to implementing, the foreign media site reported that Tonga first card would be named as AMD Radeon R9 285 equipped with Tonga Pro and will be released in August-September.

AMD to launch Radeon R9 285 equipped with Tonga GPU

First up is the circuit Tonga Pro and XT, which with 256-bit memory bus and 2GB of GDDR5 memory stepping both as new members of the upper middle class Family in AMD. The AMD Radeon R9 285 will utilize Tonga Pro, So we can say that there are some chances of AMD Radeon R9 285X with Tonga XT.

It will be the greatest improvement from the AMD side as Tonga GPU is less power eater, Mantle API must be supported, and there are also some features including new PowerTune Boost dynamic acceleration and TrueAudio technology, in addition there may be support of XDMA crossfire. It will replace the existing one core Pitcairn / Curacao to compete with NVIDIA’s GM107.

AMD Tonga R9 285

The circuit of Tonga should be primarily used for the upcoming Radeon R9 285, but will also form the basis form the existing AMD R9 200 series. The primary purpose of Tonga in the market is to replace the current Tahiti-based Radeon Graphics Card within the scope of R9 280 and 280x models, but it may be seen even in inexpensive models, a slimmed down sizing version.

Tonga is still under manufactured in TSMC’s 28nm production line.

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