Sources with information on AMD graphics card line-up have uncovered that the organizational arrangements to present its new group of Radeon R9 300 series Graphics cards is closer to Computex than CeBIT, as initially arranged. Previously AMD had planned to push out maybe a couple of new cards in March and afterward re-brand numerous others to invigorate the extent. Now this plan no longer exists.

AMD to introduce its Radeon R9 300-series lineup at Computex


The test for AMD is that it needs to attain to two somewhat distinctive (and sometimes opposing) assignments in the first large portion of this current year. It should fundamentally decrease stock in the channel and it needs to attempt and help its dropping piece of the overall industry (market share). On the off chance that AMD does not ship anything new, its own business and piece of the overall industry will decay. Nonetheless, if AMD boosts shiny new offerings, more established equipment stalls in the channel, effects costs and makes it hard to offer new items.

Now come to the main plot twist of news that sources from the Far East are indicating that, AMD initially needed to unleash no less than one of its all-new Radeon R9 300 series Graphics card at the CeBIT Trade show which is scheduled for March. These new cards would emphasize the organization’s most recent top of the line GPU with High-bandwidth Memory (HBM). On the off chance that AMD’s specialists have made a decent showing, then this Radeon R9 290-Graphics card would be the organization’s high end card ever, particularly with the most recent diversions running ultra-top quality resolutions like 4K or 5K. In the event that that happens, then the dispatch would altogether upset offers of all other Radeon R9 Graphics cards, so the organization chose not to disclose its new top-of-the-extent design sheets not long from now.

The sources with information on AMD Plans uncovered to KitGuru that Computex has been focused as the dispatch timeline for AMD’s upcoming Graphics cards and a “full line up” was demanded from senior management and engineers. As opposed to propelling only one new Graphics card and a heap of re-brands, AMD means to reveal an entire new scope of the design cards at Computex in ahead of schedule June. At present insights about the lineup are not clear, however, expect a few all-new graphics solutions to be uncovered, though some re-brand items will probably appear in the accompanying months.

While AMD does not comment on reports about product plans and launch schedules, the company indirectly confirmed that its new graphics processing units will be out rather later than sooner during the Morgan Stanley Technology, media and telecom conference this week. Apparently, AMD considers second half of this year as a time when it will try to regain lost market share from NVIDIA.

From the AMD side till now they have not given their word on such reports that its new graphics processing units will be out rather later than sooner during the Morgan Stanley Technology, media and telecom conference this week.

“We are confident that as we get into the second half of 2015 with the launch of that [new graphics] product, we will gain back the market share which is low from my standpoint and historically,” said Devinder Kumar, chief financial officer of AMD. “We need to be significantly higher than where we are right now.”