Ok, so here is the news, after the release of the Second Generation of Maxwell architecture Graphics cards from Nvidia, it seems like AMD is also in a mood to give them the clear competition. It could be the new GPU, taking reference from AMD tweets, it looks like AMD has a special announcement coming on 25th September 2014. There are lots of rumors that it could be related to the new GPU or FirePro product, all we need to wait for that date, but for now it will be better to talk about some possibilities rather than wait for some day’s.

AMD to announce Next Generation Product on 25th September- “No Pills Required” Marketing Campaign

AMD to announce New Card on 25th September-

The first thing that click in mind that this AMD GPU related teaser comes in just one day after the release of Maxwell Second Generation Graphics Cards from Nvidia includes Gtx 980 and Gtx 970, GM204 is fused on both cards. Both cards open the new era of computing and competition also as both Bay boy are highly energy efficient. Also not in Hardware but they also improved their architecture in terms of Software and introduce Six new candies. Now on the other hand AMD might possibly have an answer to that coming soon. The tweet is pretty simple but looks like AMD is once again using their pills campaign to market the new GPUs. Just take a look at the tweet.

AMD to announce New Card on 25th September- “No Pills Required” Marketing Campaign

After seeing that tweet you see there are two pills, One is colored blue and one is colored red. I hope you remember that this marketing campaign was previously also implemented in the release of HD 7770GHz and also in the release of R9 295X2. The same situation can also be seen here may be the red and blue pills are indicating the water cooling solution, like Blue is for water and red is for the AMD Radeon Chip. It could be anything may be from the AMD new R9 300 Series, which was previously also become the main heading of several news, yes, I am talking about the leaked cooler of R9 390X.

AMD R9 390X

The product could even be based on the upcoming “Pirate Islands” family of GPUs. The R9 285 is already part of that family with Tonga. So, is this “Fiji.” ?

As from R9 200 Series the R9 295X2 is the last card. At the end of the day, there’s so much happening in the graphics industry that it’s getting interesting day by day. If AMD does have new high-end chips ready to tackle Maxwell then that’s a good thing since competition will drive prices down.

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