AMD has just released the third generation “of mainstream and low-power APU”, where “Beema” biased mainstream, “Mullins” the flagship ultra-low power consumption, can be used in a variety of forms, sizes of consumer and business mobile devices, including ultra- thin and light notebooks, small screen laptop, this deformation, Combo notebook, fanless tablet and so on.

AMD Third Generation APU Beema and Mullins: 2.8W Ultra-low power

Both will replace the existing Kabini, still using the TSMC 28nm manufacturing process, SoC single chip, but a full range of interior upgrades.

CPU architecture is “Puma +” (Cougar), an upgraded version of the previous generation Jaguar Jaguar, GPU architecture is the latest GCN 1.1, the maximum memory speed to DDR3-1866, also supports system-level power management, known in almost half of the TDP brought about a 50% lower frequency increase.

More noteworthy is that this is the first integrated hardware encryption security module ARM x86 processor, integrated into the architecture of the Cortex-A5 TrustZone technology, AMD called “Platform Security Processor” (PSP).

AMD Beema series APUs Specifications

Beema series includes four models, is the most high-end ” A6-6310 “, quad-core , CPU highest frequency 2.4GHz, secondary cache 2MB, integrated graphics core Radeon R4128 stream processors , the highest frequency of 800MHz, memory support DDR3L- 1866, thermal design power 15W.

” A6-6210 “, respectively, CPU, GPU frequency is reduced to 1.8GHz, 600MHz, and renamed the graphics core Radeon R3, memory is also downgraded to DDR3L-600, other fully intact.

” E2-6110 “continues downconverted to 1.5GHz, 500MHz, graphics core Radeon R2.

” E1-6010 “becomes a dual-core , 1MB secondary cache, again reduced the frequency 1.35GHz, 350MHz, memory is also remaining DDR3L-1333, but the good news is 10W thermal design power came . It still has 128 stream processors, is true across the board.

AMD claims that the graphics performance than previous generations Kabini Beema raised up to 100%, reduce power consumption up to 20%, while in front of competitors than Haswell U Series Pentium high graphics performance up to 50%, up to seven times higher computing performance, Up to three times higher than the Bay Trail-M series Pentium graphics performance, high system performance more than 35%.

AMD Beema series four models Specification
AMD Beema series four models Specification

AMD Mullins APUs Specifications

Mullins series includes three models, named comparison wonderful, have added a word “Micro”, reads very strenuous.

” A10 Micro-6700T “is a quad-core , 2MB secondary cache, CPU frequency of 2.2GHz, graphics core called Radeon R6 , 128 stream processors , frequency of 500MHz, memory support DDR3L-1333, thermal design power TDP 4.5W, Scene design power SDP 2.8W.

AMD Intel was raised to despise the concept of SDP, but also quietly adopted. It is the equivalent frequency down version of TDP, refers to the processor at lower frequencies of state power dissipation, has shrunk suspect.

” Micro-6400T A4 “are the CPU, GPU frequency down to 1.6GHz, 350MHz, GPU name also downgraded to a Radeon R3 , the other above.

” Micro-6200T E1 “is dual core , 1MB secondary cache, frequency of only 1.4GHz, 300MHz, GPU name is also the lowest level Radeon R2 , memory also dropped DDR3L-1066. Thermal design power consumption to 3.95W , but the scene design power is 2.8W.

AMD claims that, compared to previous generations Temash Mullins graphics performance per watt than 2 times the performance per watt of office nearly two-fold, while the graphics performance may exceed Core i3, computational performance is Atom 3 times.

AMD Mullins APU Lineup Specification
AMD Mullins APU Lineup Specification


Beema and Mullins kernel FigureBeema and Mullins kernel Figure
Beema and Mullins kernel Figure

Core layout: Visible four Puma + CPU core, 2MB shared L2 cache, GCN GPU graphics core, DDR3L memory controller, Northbridge, FCH Southbridge, UVD video decoder, VCE video encoder, PCI-E controller, display control , as well as PSP – ARM processor-based security platform.

AMD Nano PC with Beema
AMD Nano PC with Beema

On the CES 2014 show concept mini machine Nano PC, with Beema.