AMD today announced its collaboration with 2K Games and Firaxis Games to help them to implement the best possible DirectX 12 API for its Radeon graphics cards in order to exploit all the advantages with the release of Civilization VI.

Civilization VI Will Support Asynchronous Compute and Split-Frame Rendering



This collaboration will result in full support of the advanced features of DirectX 12 and this translates to implement and more known and sought Asynchronous Compute with Split-Frame Rendering (SFR) enabling two graphics to render load in parallel and then combined to create a complete scene thus reducing latency and improving the FPS.  Frames can be completed between 2-3 times faster than typical SLI or Crossfire AFR (alternative frame rendering).

Thanks to the collaboration with AMD the company looks like they’re fully exploiting the potential benefits of DirectX 12. After this collaboration we can also expect this partnership with 2K Games bigger games like MAFIA III, or future titles of Borderlands, Bioshock, XCOM and The Darkness. To test the performance of DirectX 12, the game will include a in-game benchmark.