Although in the last few years, the tablet PC market has grown faster than PCs, but in this race AMD has released a very limited amount of tablet processors. And it seems like in 2015 they are not willing to introduce new solutions for tablets. This news is coming from foreign media PC World.

The tablet market is in a price battle and profit margins for chip makers are minuscule, said Kevin Lensing, senior director of mobility solutions at AMD.

“We’re evaluating [tablets] closely. It’s not our priority,” Lensing said.

It should be noted that in the tablet PC market AMD joins the race in 2011 and from that time they release a new mobile processor every year, but for them the market was not successful. They recently released a processor road map, AMD did not introduce new products for the tablet market in 2015 and will continue to rely on Mullins APU.

AMD strategic re-adjustment: Tablet market is not a priority for Us

AMD strategic re-adjustment: Tablet market is not a priority for Us

The tablet PC market is focused on Apple, Samsung and low-cost flat-panel manufacturers in China, and specializes in graphics technology AMD could not take any advantage of this market. Now AMD will look again to their core competencies, including the PC, there are opportunities to continue to grow the desktop market. Currently PC market is slowly rebounding, and AMD has just recently announced a power consumption of only 10W of Carrizo APU.

Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron company also believes that taking such a dubious opportunism in the tablet market is very suitable for AMD, they have limited resources and cannot be compared with a company like Intel. He said,

“They will choose a particular part of the tablet market, AMD is based on the profit made by the above reasons choice.”

Intel Corporation expects to ship 40 million tablet processors, this program is a success, but the price is quite high —Intel mobile sector in the past two years faced a loss of $ 7 billion, but Intel does not regret this choice (because of money, so capricious?), they think that once occupied the market, money will achieve the goal.

Lensing on AMD’s tablet market also has a long-term perspective, the boundaries between the PC and the tablet is blurred, but after a few years it may be difficult to differentiate between these two. A mixing device (tablet, notebook 2-in-1 categories of products) are now either when the PC can also function as a tablet. He believes that “the current 15-30W notebooks future will be mainly in the form of flat appearance.”

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