After seeing Zeppelin, now its time to look in even more distant future. It has been confirmed that AMD Starship, the ambitious project of AMD will bring an x86 processor consists of up to 48 cores with 96 threads manufactured under a 7nm lithography.

AMD Starship: 48-core processor manufactured at 7nm FinFET

AMD Starship 7nm

AMD Starship will be the successor to Naples, which will be launched in 2017 equipped with up to 32 cores and 64 threads manufactured under 14nm process node. The latest news also revealed that the company plans to skip 10nm process node and move directly to the 7nm, something which they already did with Polaris.

Focused on servers, AMD Starship processor with 48 cores and 96 threads will be the flagship model with a TDP around  180W, while more basic models depart around 35W. It is expected that new server oriented processors would arrive in 2018. This means that GlobalFoundries will be ready to launch its 7nm at that time (thanks to the purchase of IBM). GB has currently an agreement with AMD to give life to their silicon. Unfortunately, we are still far from knowing more details about AMD Starship.

P.S: We remind you that GlobalFoundries announced the IBM acquisition. With that purchase, GlobalFoundries acquires two new factories and nothing less than a portfolio of 16,000 patents.

Via: fudzilla